Monday, May 23, 2011

Collision by Manoj Dharmawardhane


The typical organism inhabits a material world that is abounding with collisions.
Collisions, between the attraction of energy and the release of energy, and collisions between the living and the non-living.

Life is a gel (mixture) that is made up of these collisions. It begins as a collision. And ends as a collision. And in between these two collisions, is a collection of even more collisions.

In other words, in a material world brimming with collisions, begin and end periods of living collisions.

Even though these collisions can be clearly seen to be happening on a surface level, and below, we don’t see them. Though they are countless in number, we don’t give them any attention at all.

The Buddha has said “ siyalu sanskara dharmayo nasena suluya”

It’s normally known as  “Anathmawadha” . It says that everything is changed. Nothing imortal.
It is the core of this deep philosophy which he explained.

“Collision” attempts to demonstrate this philosophy.

The philosophy of collisions that occur in the material world.
If an individual understands this phenomena, he will begin the first actions that will reduce his journey in Sansara.